Thinking Positive In Negative Times

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Do you want to be more positive? Positivity is a mindset. Read these helpful tips to get your mind and life in a positive space.

In this article I will discuss:

  • About Me
  • Remove Negativity
  • Attracting Positivity
  • Visualize Positive Things 
  • Positivity Journal

Being positive does not come easy for me. I grew up in a household where there was always arguing and to be honest I cannot recall being positive. I never loved my younger self or felt the love from my parents. So how in the world would I have ever been a positive person? 

If you are in an environment that is negative, you are probably going to pick up the same bad habits. However, you can change if you realize something needs to change and you are willing to take the steps to change!

Again, you need to realize you need to change, and only then can you start learning how to make that happen. 

Being a positive person is really hard after you have had a fucked up life but it is possible. 

So I was 22 when I found out I was pregnant with my son. I still lived at home and my parents were still married and miserable. I was sitting on the couch one day and my dad said something to make me so mad, I threw my plate of food at him. He then decided to call me a cunt. 

That was the moment I knew I deserved better and I did not want to raise my son around this asshole. I kicked my ass in gear and moved out shortly following that incident. 

Being positive and attracting positivity is near impossible to do if you are in an environment where you are emotionally abused. Get out and move on because life is too short.

Remove Negativity

You can remove negativity the way I did but that was just the beginning of a very long journey. Here are some other helpful tips to kick negativity to the curb:

Prioritize Your Life

What I mean by this is to make you a priority. If you have a bad job, get one you love. If you are in a bad relationship, get out. Last year I needed to make a change because I had been in the same department for nine years. There is nothing wrong with being in a job for years but I was around negative people and just wanted to get out and change my environment. 

I did that and now I work at home and get to cuddle with my dogs all day. I can go into the office when I want if I want to be around people. It has been a positive change that I needed. 

Another thing I did to put me first was to stop drinking. I cannot handle alcohol but if you have an addiction, you know how hard it is to stop. You can read my article on How I Am Fighting Addiction to learn more about how I conquered that beast!

Change Your Attitude

To become positive, I had to change my attitude and how I approach people. When I was working and encountered negative people, I too became a negative person. You can try and block out the negative noise but I had a hard time. 

I made a promise to myself I would not have the same attitude and I would do everything I could to be positive. This means being positive in meetings, with people I want to punch, and learning how to incorporate positive habits when you encounter negative people. 

It is not realistic to be positive all the time, I do get negative but I realize it and pull myself back. The more you are positive and nice to people, it becomes a habit. You start to realize things that made you think negative thoughts before no longer have the same effect. 

Change The Way You Think

I sometimes imagine negative things happening to me and my family. I never understood why my mind would feed me these negative images until I realized it was what I was thinking that was feeding me the images. 

If my son leaves, I worry and this does nothing but feeds my brain with all these different scenarios that could happen. As a mom it is hard not to worry so to change that you have to recreate the story. Rather than think or visualize negative things. I have reprogrammed my brain to allow positivity only. 

I did this by visualizing and thinking positive thoughts. It really works! So when I get a negative image, I recognize it and replace it with a positive one. My go-to is sitting on a beach imagining the water. 

I also say positive things to myself throughout the day. This is things like:

  • Thank you for my health
  • Thank you for my wealth
  • Thank you for my mom’s health
  • My son is having a good time

You get the picture. I believe if you think positive, the universe will keep those things coming your way. Since I have been doing this we almost have all of our credit card debt paid off. I am also happier and think more positive than I ever have. 

Attracting Positive

Get A Morning Routine

One thing that starts my day on the positive side is having a morning routine. Here is what mine looks like:

  • Get up and take a bath. I have to start the day by being clean because I just feel better. Sometimes I take a longer bath if I have time. 
  • My husband built me a sauna so I will sit in there for 10-20 minutes. Check out my article on The Benefits of Saunas and How to Build Your Own DIY Sauna. 
  • Put on my workout clothes so I am guaranteed to get a sweat in. I feed my dogs and then hit the treadmill. If I can workout outside, I do that because I need the sun and it makes me feel so good. 
  • I then grab breakfast and read a passage in 100 Days To Brave. 
  • I then start work. 

Imagine if I did not put myself first and started work without the positive things I listed. I would be pretty miserable! 

Do me a favor and get yourself a morning routine!

Take Care Of Yourself

A lot of this I talk about in my article on Self-Care so check it out because you will find more helpful tips. 

If you don’t take care of yourself it is easy to fall into the negativity trap. This is what it looks like when I don’t take care of myself:

  • I cannot show up as the best mom
  • I cannot show up as a good wife
  • I cannot show up as a good daughter
  • I cannot even show up for myself

When I take care of myself I have a full pitcher and can pour part of that love, light, and positivity to others in my life. 

When I show up for myself this is what my day looks like:

  • Doing my morning routine.
  • Stepping away from my desk for lunch.
  • Eating healthy. I am on WW so I track everything I eat. It has been very helpful in making me stay on track. Also, the WW community is so positive and they have their own social media so you can connect with others.
  • Taking a break in the afternoon to get some sun or a brief walk. 
  • Not working long days. Working too much puts my body in a stressful mode and I have learned my limits. 
  • Make a healthy dinner for my family. When I am tired, I have my husband cook or order something. 
  • Focus on my projects because that makes me happy. 
  • I may take a bath before bed if I have time and hit the sauna. 
  • I am always in bed by 9 or 9:30. Getting sleep is very important in making me happy and for my health.


I believe affirmations are very helpful for rewiring your brain. There are several apps you can download on your phone or lookup on Google. You can write these affirmations on a mirror or look at them and repeat them over and over. 

Spend Time With Friends

Getting together and having lunch or dinner with friends is really good for mental health. Make it a priority to get together once a month.

Other things you can do with your friends include:

  • Game night
  • Go for a walk
  • Cook dinner rather than go out
  • If you physically can’t get together, spend time talking on a Zoom call
  • Watch funny TV shows and movies 

If I watch shows about murder, my mind goes to dark places. I really have to watch what my mind digest because it can alter my emotions. Think I am crazy, start a diary, and write down your emotions and what you are watching on TV. 

Now when I start watching comedies or motivating shows, a different switch flips in my head. I am happy, energetic, and have positive thoughts. 

There has actually been research conducted on children and adults that explains that certain shows and entertainment can affect mood. This can then have an effect on thinking and behavior. 

Next time you want to watch a show about murder, think about how you are mentally and if you will be able to bring yourself back to a positive mindset. 

If not, pass and watch a comedy show instead. 

Visualize Positive Things

I am all about visualizing and repeating positive thoughts to myself. One way I visualize my dreams is by creating a vision board. 

A vision board can help you:

  • Keep your focus on goals, dreams, and things you want to achieve. If you have a visual picture you can look at it, the dreams you strive for will always be top of mind. It is a great mental reminder of what you want for your life. 
  • Analyze what you want from life. There is no limit and it can be anything you want to achieve or dream of. For example, I would like a house with a great porch. I want to be able to watch thunderstorms and sit in a rocking chair on this porch. I also want to write a book and build my blog. I have so many desires, dreams, goals I want to achieve and I put them all on the board. 
  • Looking at your vision board every day will remind you of what you want to achieve. Constantly reminding yourself of these dreams will help you keep the focus on what you most want to achieve. 

Where to start?

I love a good journal so I created one you can download and start your road to being a positive and grateful person. 




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