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Yes, you can! Yes, you can! You can do anything you put your mind to and much more. I was having a conversation with my friend and she told me about a school she was attending online. At the time I was a single mom and always wanted to go back to school but never thought it was possible with a three-year-old. But this was an online school my friend was attending and that was a game changer for me.

She told me which one she was going to but I needed to make sure that was the right school for me. I searched and compared several colleges but most wanted a ridiculous amount of money. This school had a reasonable fee and books were included so I did not have to pay extra money. 

Let today be the start of something great!

If you would like to go back to school, here are some tips I have to help you prepare:

Look at different online schools and what they offer. Are books included in the tuition? If you took some college classes previously, will they transfer? I did attend college for a couple of years and after ten years most of those credits transferred. That was amazing to me and helped me so much.

Once you have found a school, make sure you select a schedule that will work for you. The college I attended had a couple of different options.

When determining how to pay for classes, look and see if your employer contributes money towards higher education. You can also look for scholarships or take out student loans.

It is also important not to overwhelm yourself. Take one class each semester if you have to and remember great things take time. It took me a couple of years to complete my Bachelor’s degree. Depending on my circumstances sometimes I took two classes, other semesters I could only handle one.

Schedule time to study and complete assignments. I choose to do everything after my son went to bed. He was young at the time so after seven I did homework often throughout the week. Remember to be kind to yourself and make sure you schedule breaks.

I believe going back to school can only happen if that is the only thing going on in your life outside of your family obligations and work. I did not have any other goals at the time, so at night when my son was sleeping, I would devote most of my time to this goal. If you are trying to learn how to knit, just had a baby, taking a test for work, or anything else it may be hard to focus on going back to school. I suggest waiting for a time when you can put ten hours a week towards this goal.

It is not going to be easy and you may want to give up but once you reach the finish line it is so sweet! I finished my Bachelors and went back to obtain my MBA in Project Management. I am really glad I did and feel very proud of myself.

If you are interested in the school I went to, it is Southern Columbia University, in Orange Beach, AL. They are so professional and I never had any problems while I was attending. I highly recommend them if you are looking for an online college.

Tell me if you went back to school or if this is a goal you have in your life.

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