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I have suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember.  Social anxiety, panic attacks, racing heart, endless worrying, and if you have anxiety you know that list can go on forever.

Growing Up With Anxiety

I never knew the things I was experiencing had a name.

When I was a teenager nobody talked about mental health so I just thought I was normal and this was part of teenage life. Therefore, I would have anxiety going to school, driving, and social situations where I felt uncomfortable. It would be so bad that I would have a constant knot in the pit of my stomach. 

If you think your teenager has anxiety help them understand how to reduce it. I am not a fan of medicine but that was because I tried different anti-depressants and had the worst side effects, including suicidal thoughts. However, I do believe parents should understand these effects before asking their doctor about medication for themselves or their children. 

I decided I was tired of my brain telling me to kill myself and turned to safer ways to combat anxiety. You can always find a counselor that specializes in anxiety to help your teenager navigate anxiety in a healthy way.

Your Don't have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you. - Dan Millman

Thriving With Anxiety

What works for me is running. Not just exercise but running. I figured this out because I used to run years ago and always felt so good. Then I moved to a different city and was out of my comfort zone. I did not know what places were safe or where I would feel as comfortable running as I did in my previous city. 

Fast-forward four years later and I started running again at the gym and recently purchased a Peleton – now I run at home! This has helped me so much but it is not the only thing that helps me. 

Here are more ideas to fight anxiety:


There are so many apps that I have found are great for meditation. Before you say you have too much anxiety to meditate, think again. I had the hardest time meditating. I could not even lay there for a full ten minutes. My mind kept wondering and it was hard to focus. However, over time if you stick with it you can train your brain to focus and the feeling is like nothing I have ever experienced – not even with running!

Here are some meditation apps I really like:

  • Breathe
  • Peleton: This costs money but it is well worth the cost. 
  • Headspace

Take A Walk

Rather than do some rigorous workout, take a walk outside. When I started taking walks outside every day, I started to feel better and better every day. I think there is something about being outdoors and breathing fresh air. I even walked when it was thirty degrees outside. Try it and tell me how you feel after a month. 

Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Read a book 

My mind is always going and one of the things that take me to another place is reading.  If you are trying to slow down your racing thoughts read a good fiction book and see what happens.

Live A More Simpler Life 

Do you ever have anxiety just thinking about what to wear or cleaning the house? You probably have too much stuff. Try purging three things every day for a month. See how you feel at the end of the month. I bet you feel lighter and notice the fewer choices you have, the less anxiety.

Time Management

I know I feel stressed when I have a lot of things to do. It is okay to say no and get things off your plate.  I felt like this a lot and it was because I always wanted to focus on all my dreams at once while being a wife and mom. You can only focus on one dream at a time. 

You got that – you can only focus on one dream at a time.  Just like you can only be at one place at a time. 

Ask for help!If you need to have your kids in different places have your partner or friend help you out. Need to attend a birthday party – say no. It is okay and you will have time to relax.  


If your anxiety is at an all-time high, get some sleep. Go to bed a couple hours earlier or take a nap. I used to go out to my car at lunch and take a little nap. Although if you do this, please tell a friend because you need to come back to work.  Taking a nap is always so much better if you have a fuzzy blanket! 

Remove Stress

My anxiety was so bad when I had a job that I did not like. I knew I had to find a new job to change my life. It took about a year but I was finally able to find a new job and I have not looked back.  

Look at what is in your life that is causing you stress. Now ask yourself is there anything you can do to reduce the thing that is creating stress?

Remove Negative People From Your Life

See a pattern, bad job, stress, and bad people, all these things increase anxiety. I don’t like being around negative people or those who make bad choices. I find that their energy makes my anxiety go crazy. Try avoiding contact with anyone you feel is negative or does not have positive energy. See how you feel and if makes a difference, continue trying and see if this makes a difference in your anxiety.

Get A Fidget Toy 

These fidget toys really work. I had one at my last job and it helped me focus when I was on a phone call or needed to think about other things. Give it a try!

Get a Reversible Sequin Pillow

Tactile touch can help calm the mind down. This pillow allows you to write or draw by reversing the direction of the sequins. I highly recommend these pillows because they are awesome and come in handy while watching TV or at an awkward family dinner.  


Mind dumping is the best thing! Why? Because you can journal anytime you feel you just want to dump the thoughts from your brain onto paper.  Try doing it in the morning or at night before you go to bed. This may help you start or end your day on the right foot!

Leave a comment and let me know what reduces your anxiety. 


I’m a business mindset coach for women struggling with an autoimmune disease. I help high-achieving women master their mindset, so they can continue to stay consistent despite the challenges and, in doing so, create and maintain a profitable business.

I use my twenty-year experience in the corporate and business world, along with my own personal struggle with autoimmune disease to empower women to show up for themselves so they can be great leaders, have the energy and time to thrive!

I am passionate about helping women gain insight into what led them to feeling exhausted, stressed, and unable to care for themselves, career, or family. 

I support you in learning how to take bold action by recognizing behaviors that break your current mindset holding you back from being a powerful badass leader by providing supportive direction that promotes change and leads to success in all aspects of your life. 

With my guidance, you can feel in control of your life again, having passion, motivation, and excitement to go all in building your dream career and life!

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