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Hi Friend, I’m Courtney

Business & Wellness Coach

 My story is raw, emotional, and full of learning along the way! So read on and follow my social pages for information that will help you on your journey. 

My mission is to help high-achieving women with an autoimmune disease show up for themselves to have the energy to thrive in business, career, and health.

I was an ambitious new mom that knew I wanted to be successful. However, I started to not feel like myself, and my health quickly took a downward spiral. I was tired and not just from lack of sleep from being a new mom – it was like someone roofied my drink exhausted!

I gained weight rapidly from doctors prescribing me antidepressants that I did not need to be on, but I would not find that out until later. The feeling of being constipated and bloated followed me everywhere. My muscles hurt with a burning sensation. I was cold and puffy all the time. Ugh, just thinking about this makes me hurt and feel gross.

Me and my husband at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. It was so hot that day!

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You never would know what was going on unless you were close to me because you generally do not know someone has autoimmune or fertility challenges. There are many other high-achieving women like me out there struggling! 

My son graduating 8th grade! He is going to be a Senior in High School this year!

I looked for answers by going to several doctors including, several general practitioners, dentists, chiropractors, etc. I spent thousands of dollars to hear answer’s like I did from one doctor to eat plants to feel better – True Story! Yes, eating right is part of the equation, but more important is finding the root of your problem to find the proper treatment for your body. 

“Just because you can’t see pain, doesn’t mean someone isn’t suffering. Be kind always”

For fifteen years, I was diagnosed with depression, migraines, bipolar disorder II, and TMJ. I was on so many different medications for depression. Finally, a blood test ordered by my gynecologist discovered I had an underactive thyroid. Well, let me be clear they called to tell me I needed to be on medication for my thyroid end of the story. What does that mean! Thus began years of researching, learning about thyroid disease, and then discovering if this was causing all my problems.

To make a long story short, I found a doctor that ordered a blood test and an ultrasound of my thyroid. Those two tests determined I had Hashimoto’s. 90% of women with an under active thyroid have Hashimoto’s. I read books, articles, and by gaining this knowledge learned what my body needed to thrive.

The second half of my story is about discovering I had secondary infertility while trying to conceive. I suspected I had endometriosis because my mom had it. After consulting a specialist, I had laparoscopic surgery in 2019 and was diagnosed with stage 2. Sharing my health journey means sharing everything, even the ugly and frustrating parts like having fertility problems.

  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Correcting my period pain
  • Understanding types of fertility treatments
  • Communicating effectively with my husband and working through our emotions
  • Navigating pregnant friends and being invited to baby showers

90% of women with an under active thyroid have Hashimoto’s

Taking in the breathtaking flowers outside Sadelle’s in Las Vegas

So you’re probably wondering how I became successful in my career while sifting through all this health stuff! It was not easy – I had a support system to help me when times got tough. Most importantly, I learned how to make every minute count while unwell AND I did not devalue my worth.

I have a lot of friends that are high-achieving, kicking ass in business, but cannot do anything else when they get home. I did not want this to be my story. Why can’t women with a health issue be high achieving and healthy? Today I feel like a new person because I learned why I was tired and what was causing the other symptoms. Nothing is always perfect, I have to ensure I am balancing my life correctly or I will end up in a flare-up.

I learned a lot in my fifteen-year journey, including how to balance self-care, show up as the mom and wife I wanted to be, and excel in my career. If you are ready to make changes to your lifestyle and learn how to do this while staying consistent in your business or career, let’s talk.

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My goal is that you find value in me sharing my story, so you don’t have to spend years searching for answers. I look forward to helping you and other women live a fulfilling life you can look back on and smile.

Still Reading? 

Here are a few more things you might find interesting about me

  • I am committed to learning for life. I yearn to learn more about health, self-care, fitness, and many other topics.
  • I was a single mom for years before meeting my Prince Charming! 
  • As a single mom, I earned by Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. I then later married and earned an MBA! 
  • I love writing – check out my blog
  • As a single mom, I earned by Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. I then later married and earned an MBA! 
  • I am a recovering alcoholic
  • I was a caregiver to my mom for a year while she battled pancreatic cancer. Sadly I lost my mom in 2020.
  • I have been a successful businesswoman for twenty years, achieving many awards and earning my Bachelor’s and MBA through my health battle.
  • I am in the process of creating a 501C3 to provide financial support to couples struggling to get pregnant and want to adopt.
Me and my husband