My Story

I’m a business mindset coach
for women struggling with
an autoimmune disease.

I help high-achieving women master their mindset, so they can continue to stay consistent despite the challenges and, in doing so, create and maintain a profitable business.

If you are suffering from brain fog, fatigue, joint pain, or struggling with figuring out how to schedule/show up to doctor appointments while trying to grow in business or your career – I have been there and am here to help you!  

I was an ambitious new mom that knew I wanted to be successful. However, I started to not feel like myself, and my health quickly took a downward spiral. I was tired and not just from lack of sleep from being a new mom – it was like someone roofied my drink exhausted!

You never would know what was going on unless you were close to me because you generally do not know if someone has an autoimmune disease. There are many other high-achieving women like me out there struggling! 

I looked for answers by going to several doctors including, several general practitioners, dentists, chiropractors, etc. I spent thousands of dollars to hear answer’s like I did from one doctor to eat plants to feel better – True Story! Yes, eating right is part of the equation, but more important is finding the root of your problem to find the proper treatment for your body. 

For fifteen years, I was diagnosed with depression, migraines, bipolar disorder II, and TMJ. I was on so many different medications for depression. Finally, I discovered I had Hashimoto’s and today I know I also suffer from IBS, facial pain, fibromyalgia, and endometriosis.

So you’re probably wondering how I became successful in my career while sifting through all this health stuff! It was not easy – I had a support system to help me when times were tough.

Most importantly, I learned how to make every minute count while unwell, AND I did not devalue my worth.

I know a lot of women who are high-achieving, badass business owners, but cannot do anything else when they get home. I did not want this to be my story.

Why can’t women with a health issues be high achieving and healthy?

I remember the pain, bloating, being cold, and extreme fatigue. Time to care for my health was important, so I learned how to work smarter and manage my days to put myself first. 

Today I feel like a new person because I understand why I was tired and causing all the other symptoms. Nothing is always perfect, I have to ensure I am balancing my life correctly or I will end up right back where I was.

The women I have encountered with autoimmune diseases are strong, passionate, and make life look like sunshine and rainbows. However, when you peel back the cover you realize that is far from reality and they are struggling more than you would ever know.

That is why I am passionate about helping women gain insight and find time to look into what led them to feel exhausted, stressed, and unable to care for themselves, their careers, or family.

I will teach you how to take bold action by recognizing behaviors that break your current mindset holding you back from being a powerful badass leader by providing supportive direction that promotes change and leads to success in all aspects of your life.

Together, we will dive deep into your challenges to create a plan that works for you and your lifestyle. With my guidance, you can feel in control of your life again, having passion, motivation, and excitement to go all in building your dream career and life!

I’m ready to dive in and help you!

All the success in the world does not mean anything, unless you are happy and can enjoy it.

-- Courtney Delaney

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