Organizing Your Life Is So Much Easier Than You Think

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In this article I will discuss:

  • How I use this to schedule my family life
  • How we budget finances
  • Dakboard for the family

Using Cozi to schedule appointments

Doctor appointments

Soccer practice

Bill payments

And so much more tend to take over our mom schedules. I don’t know about you but I found it hard to keep it all straight without missing something.  Then I found the Cozi app! Now listen, I am not a digital person at all. In fact, I love a good old fashion calendar and fun pens to write everything down. However, I don’t always carry my calendar around with me and my husband and son cannot see my paper calendar.

Moms we cannot do this alone. This app helps keep everyone accountable not just you!

The Cozi app is free that you can get for your device.  The Cozi app allows me and my family to look at the schedule on our devices at any time.   We also use the app to keep track of our budget.

How It Works

You download the Cozi app on your electronic device. Everyone who has information on the app, needs to download the application. You will go into the “family” settings and add all the family members. When you add an event to the calendar, you can select the family member who needs to be notified. When the app is downloaded on their phone, they will receive a notification and an email.

Everyone can view the events. This also means less nagging mom about what is happening and I love that!

How we use the Cozi app for our budget

  • First you need to go through your bank account and write down your fixed expenses. A fixed expense is a bill that is consistent monthly or quarterly.
  • Then sit down with your spouse or partner and discuss variable expenses that may impact the month. For example, right now we are gearing up for back to school. I know I will have to pay back to school fees. We also know the dogs need to go to the vet. You can estimate that fee or if you know the exact amount even better.
  • You should also factor in any personal money given to family members. Each month my husband and me receive a set amount that goes into our own individual accounts. We find this best because he has his own money to spend on whatever he wants. It works because then I don’t get mad about him buying shoes from our family budget. I highly recommend this approach. Then you can buy each other presents without the other seeing an entry on the bank account.

Now your are ready to start adding your budget to the Cozi application.

  • Start by adding your bills to the Cozi app. If the bill is fixed and will happen each month be sure to make this a month bill in the settings. When you add an event you can specify if it should happen on a specific day each month. I do this so I am never late paying a bill and I am aware of what is coming out of our account. This will take some time.
  • Now add your variable bills to the specific month you are budgeting.
  • Begin on day one and enter the amount of money you start with. I do this by starting an event but just enter the amount of money rather than an actual event. If a bill comes out or payday hits adjust the amount accordingly. I add an amount to each day. This way I have an estimate of how much we have in the account. Here is an example below of how you should document.
    • August 1 – $3550
    • August 2 -$3550 – still the same because no bills have come due
    • August 3 – $700 mortgage bill; balance 2,850
    • August 4 – $40 phone bill; balance 2,810
    • August 5 – payday $1450; balance 4,260

Follow this every day. If something is not on the calendar think about if you really need to spend the money or can it wait to be added to next months budget.

This method has really helped our family so much. The point is to retire happy and not be a slave to your bills. This method will help you reach your savings goals so you don’t spend money on material items that will not improve your financial situation.


For my birthday last year, my husband got me the DAKboard (pictured below) and we can all see what is going on each day. You can customize the board to show each day of the calendar and a slide show of your own family pictures. There are also some gorgeous pictures if you don’t feel like adding them.

Here are all the items I have added to get our family organized:

  • Every bill and the amount on the day it is scheduled.
  • Doctor appointments for each family member (dentist, fertility, allergy shots, etc.)
  • Vacations/travel for work
  • Vet appointments
  • When my dogs need to take their flea, tick, worm meds
  • Workout schedule
  • Sporting events
  • When I should check on subscriptions and negotiate lower payments. Example – cable bill, XM radio subscription – those always go up but you can negotiate before so you are not surprised when they do by putting them on your calendar!

It took a while to schedule everything but it works!

Do you use the Cozi app? Tell me what you think of it and what else you schedule.


To purchase the DAKboard, select the Amazon picture below to be taken to Amazon and add the product to your cart. 

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