Use The Power of Color To Boost Your Mood

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My moods change like the weather. I like being the happy mom and wife but come on life happens and when you find out your teenage son is vaping, happy mom turns into demon mom! I’m not joking, ask my family.

I can’t control these situations but I can control how I react. I came across this awesome quote that I have on my desk for when I am dealing with power trip people at work – You know those people are the worst!


Sometimes I lose my cool but I really just try and walk away or not say anything that could bite me later. You know how it is when you are mad because the kids just pissed you off and you say something that they will never forget –  We all have done this and the kids will remind you every time. So I try and not let that happen because it has and I have to remind my kids I am human and make mistakes.

Anyway, when I want to feel happier, content, joyful, or cheerful I add color in my life. I was feeling frustrated about work last week and decided I needed a pedicure. The normal red, pink, neutral was not going to the trick. I was looking at the wall and YELLOW popped out and I said YES, LORD thank you this is what I need. Every time I look at them it makes me happy.

I love OPI’s yellow polish. This was my last pedicure color and I loved it. Click the picture to be taken the Amazon and purchase! 

Tips on adding color to your life to boost your mood


This is also something you can try with your food. Add color to your meals. Next time you are feeling depressed, sad, frustrated, or in pain, add strawberries, avocado, corn, carrots, and pineapple to your meals for the day.

You can take a normal meal like tacos and add yellow bell peppers and tomatoes as you cook the meat. This will give your brown beef a surprising pop of color. 

You can do the same thing with a salad. Add tons of colorful fruits and vegetables. This is not only healthy but the salad will be so enticing to eat and not a boring salad. 

There is a connection to how your body feels based on what you eat. I will be writing more on this topic in a later post.

According to the Science of People, their research suggests that there is a correlation to the colors you wear and your mood. My go-to color of yellow represents happiness, optimism, and youth. My son always says his favorite color is green because it is the color of money – HA! Well, their research backs this up informing readers that it represents success. 


The next time you are out shopping, make sure you have some color. This way when you are feeling sad, you can put on that yellow t-shirt or sweater to boost your mood. You will also get so many compliments on the color. Then try adding a red lip to make a statement! This is something to try in the winter months when we all feel so blah and need a boost in mood and energy. 

You can also add color to your workout clothes. I like black bottoms because I have a big booty but I like to add color to my tops and socks. No color is off limits. I have bright yellow, pink, red, blue, white with bright colors, basically colors that make me want to put on my workout clothes! Let’s face it I live in my workout clothes most of the time.

The sweater I linked is a perfect example of adding color. I love a good colored cardigan. I have a bright green, yellow, coral, purple and I could go on. You can wear this with navy, gray, or black pants or skirt and it gives you the perfect pop of color. 

What to go bolder! Add a color tank under for an extra pop! You could wear royal blue or pink for a fun twist!

Select the link to be directed to Amazon and add this to your cart! 

Add some colorful socks to your wardrobe!  

Go ahead add color to your wardrobe and food. Let me know what color enhances your mood.



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