Tips To Help You Successfully Work From Home

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I work from home all the time and now with the COVID-19 pandemic many of you have been thrown into this new normal. Since working from home can be challenging, I thought I would write about how you can be successful if you work from home. Let’s face it working from home is awesome but it can also be exhausting and lonely if you let it. 

Why Working From Home Can Be Exhausting?

As a mom the first thing on my mind is laundry, dishes, cleaning, and all things home. If I put all my energy working full time and trying to accomplish these tasks in a day I don’t know about you but I would be exhausted. 

My Strategy

My strategy for this is keeping tasks the same as if I were working from the office. I may empty the dishwasher or do a load of laundry but it is few and far between. I make a rule that laundry is only done on the weekend. First, it helps me save my sanity and second, to save on the water bill. Who wants to do laundry all week? Not me!

Housework is done on my time – but mostly on the weekend.I alternate weekends on what I clean. For example, floors are done every Saturday, bathrooms every other weekend or as needed. I scatter things out throughout the week, if needed so I am not overloaded on the weekend. If I need to dust, I may do that at night and wash windows another night. This way I can focus on work throughout the week and not on what needs to be done around the house. 

If you need help organizing your schedule, read my article about organizing your life (<—– click text to go to article).  You also need to get the Cozi app (free) and a DAKboard! I swear by this calendar that I reference in the organization article. It is in our kitchen and I use it every day of my life!

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Working From Home Can Be Lonely

I have the option to go into the office as needed. If you have this option, I would work from the office at least once a week. This allows you to socialize with adults. This is important for your emotional well-being. Otherwise, you may go weeks without having an adult conversation in person with someone other than your partner or family. 

Since most of us do not have this option due to the pandemic, make sure you plan virtual meetings and lunch dates with friends. Staying in your home all the time can lead to depression and increased anxiety. Make sure you are taking care of yourself!

With the COVID virus taking care of ourselves is very important. Read my article about how I created a DIY sauna (<—– click text to go to article) that helps calm my anxiety and eases my chronic pain.

I also want to recommend my article, Affordable Tips For Self-Care. This will give you great tips to implement during these trying times.

One of my big things these days is getting outside walking and spending time with my family.

Have A Plan In Place

I believe you have to have a plan in place. What I mean by that is planning your day or the day will be over and you will not have any accomplishments. 

Here is an example of my day:

6:15-6:30 Wake up at the same time I would if I were going to the office. 

6:30-6:45 Rather than the drive time, I now have time to work out. So I walk, run, or ride our spin bike. I also schedule weights throughout the day during break time.

7:15 I eat breakfast.

7:30 I start my day by writing down three things I want to accomplish for the day. I can’t take credit for this tip because my husband recommended it and boy does it work! Try it!

Work but take breaks every couple of hours, including lunch. During breaks, I go outside or walk on the treadmill. If you think about it if you were in the office you may walk with a friend, to go get lunch, go outside, etc. Since you are at home you need to make sure you are getting steps in and not sitting at your desk all day.

I end my day around 4. Sometimes I go over but I make sure I keep the work-life balance to avoid burn out.

I shut my office door and leave work behind. I needed a way to leave work just like if you were in the office you would leave and go home. My office is in the basement so I shut the door and don’t come back until the next day. 


This is one you should do if you work from home or the office. Since you work from home it is easier to add it to the beginning of the day so you get it in. I do something every morning because it sets my day up for success and I feel so good. 

As you can see from my schedule you should keep moving throughout the day. Personally, I aim to get 10,000 steps or more. Have a goal and try to reach it every day. 

I also lift weights during a break. Nothing extreme but I do have a weight wet and do 5-6 movements to get my arms in shape.

Make Sure Your Work Space Is Comfortable

I have a problem sitting up straight and have actually had physical therapy to correct my posture. This is why I am big on having an ergonomically workspace. You can go on YouTube and find videos on how to make your workspace ergonomically correct. I have my monitors at a certain height and have a keyboard on a tray under my desk that pulls out.

I also have a wireless mouse so I can move it to a side table and my arm has more room to move. You can also get a sit to stand for your desk if you want to spend time standing up. My husband has one and sometimes I move to his desk to stand. I also had one at my last job and it really does help.

Set Time When You Eat

I am on Weight Watchers and I track everything I eat. This helps me keep track so I don’t overeat. I have a real problem with this because I am an emotional eater. If you are a person that finds yourself grazing, I would recommend putting a plan in place for what and when you eat. 

Eating out all the time is also not good. First, this is not good for the household budget and now you are risking your health with the COVID pandemic. You are basically giving away your hard-earned money to corporations that are making millions. Don’t you want to be a millionaire? Well then plan meals and buy the necessary groceries for the week. My go-to meals are generally deli sandwiches, fruit, chips, etc.

Here are some cookbooks that have easy meals you can plan for lunch and dinner. It is hard staying at home for dinner because you may feel stuck in the house all day. Get out and walk that way you can cook dinner too. You want to keep your budget in check. 

Tell me what tips you have for working at home. 


I’m a business mindset coach for women struggling with an autoimmune disease. I help high-achieving women master their mindset, so they can continue to stay consistent despite the challenges and, in doing so, create and maintain a profitable business.

I use my twenty-year experience in the corporate and business world, along with my own personal struggle with autoimmune disease to empower women to show up for themselves so they can be great leaders, have the energy and time to thrive!

I am passionate about helping women gain insight into what led them to feeling exhausted, stressed, and unable to care for themselves, career, or family. 

I support you in learning how to take bold action by recognizing behaviors that break your current mindset holding you back from being a powerful badass leader by providing supportive direction that promotes change and leads to success in all aspects of your life. 

With my guidance, you can feel in control of your life again, having passion, motivation, and excitement to go all in building your dream career and life!

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  1. Working from home might be difficult for some people. But I am enjoying a lot. I’m an IT professional, what I do is play music in my lappy and work. Being a lazy person, I really enjoying this work schedule. 😛

  2. I’ve been failing at successfully following my work from home schedule. My four month old is absolutely adorable and I cant help but play with him! I’m working on it though.

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