Four Months to Master Mindset and Help You Stay Consistent in Business Without Neglecting Your Health.

Take bold action by breaking the mindset holding you back from building a profitable business.

It's time to end the struggle.

Break up with your exhausted run down self and turn into a woman that learns how to work smarter for your health!

You started your business because you wanted to make your hours, loved giving back to the community, and felt your business would be wildly successful.

But right now at this moment, you can barely pull yourself out of bed on the “bad days” that are so severe no one understands or sees your pain, and on top of it, all your business is suffering.

You may be thinking being a business owner is not the right fit for you if this is how you are going to feel day in and day out. You see your dreams of having extra time, freedom to spend with your kids, and money in the bank to go on vacation whenever you want, all going down the drain before your eyes because of the impact long working hours are having on your health.

You think that working hard equals success, but in reality, your mind is playing tricks on you!

There is a smarter way to work and be successful.

When I look back on my life, I feel the most accomplished right now after 20 years of mastering mindset and working smarter, not harder. ⁠

Imagine waking up with tons of energy, having passion and motivation to make your business or career dreams come true.

I have found that the key to living with an autoimmune disease and building a successful business or career is a complete lifestyle and mindset change. ⁠

Years ago, I could not imagine being where I am today, and I want the same for you!

It all starts with having the willpower to make changes in your life and the way you think that will move you to the place you want to be.

The secret to success consists of one word - YOU!

You may already know what it takes to get to where you need to be, but you need help implementing action steps to get there. It may feel scary, and it is always easier to make excuses, but all that does is get in the way of you making REAL change.

Visualize yourself:

Waking up with tons of energy, having passion and motivation to make your business or career dreams come true!

Becoming even more successful in your career or quitting your 9-5 because you created space by working smarter to start your dream business.

Feeling excited about life again!

I always thought the key to success was working long hours, doing extra work, being involved in every detail, and success would be on the other side.

I was a mess, overweight, with extreme muscular pain/migraines, living a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle.

I thought this was the price women paid to be successful and make six or seven figures. I didn’t know another way until one day I was walking out of work and the pain was so unbearable. I remember the day like it was yesterday, walking to my car and talking to God to take me because I was in so much pain. But God had different plans for me and sent me people who helped me rebuild a life that I never knew existed.

The reality is that I needed to change my mindset before anything would fall into place.

I had years of generational healing to take care of to change the way I viewed work, movement, food, stress, perfectionism, burnout, and the list goes on and on. I needed to change everything my parents modeled!

Today I work less, take breaks, and always put myself first because I cannot take care of anyone else unless my pitcher is full.

Ready to change things once and for all?

This is a four month 1:1 Coaching Program that will teach you how to take bold action by recognizing behaviors that break the mindset holding you back from building a profitable business.

I will teach you how to end the exhaustion and find the mindset you need to put yourself first, so you can show up in your business and for your family. This program will show you how shifting your mindset can promote change and success in all aspects of your life.

What’s Included:


Four payments of $975 OR $3700 pay in full

Save almost $200 if you pay in full!


Who is this program for?

This program is right for the woman who:

  • Looking for growth or consistency in your business or career.
  • Ready to implement change into your lifestyle.
  • Tired of feeling exhausted and run down at the end of your workday.
  • Willing to change your mindset and step into the badass businesswoman you are meant to be!

Why hire a coach?

As a Business Coach, I can provide strategies to help you stay consistent in your business or career. My job as a coach is to help you get unstuck. It can be such a frustrating journey to feel like you are not making progress – It is like walking in a dark tunnel, and you keep on walking, but the light is nowhere to be found. My job as a coach is to illuminate the dark and point out why you are stuck.

It is hard to see our blind spots, and that is why a coach is so valuable!

Still Reading?

Here are a few more things you might find interesting about me:

  • I am committed to learning for life. I yearn to learn more about health, self-care, fitness, and many other topics.
  • I love helping women through my writing – check out my blog
  • I have two big 80lb dogs that I cuddle with daily!
  • I love traveling and taking pictures of our adventures
  • I am a recovering alcoholic
  • My dad was an alcoholic and died from alcohol poisoning – another reason why I don’t drink anymore.
  • I was a caregiver to my mom for a year while she battled pancreatic cancer. Sadly I lost my mom in late 2020.
  • I have been a successful businesswoman for twenty years, achieving many awards and earning my Bachelor’s and MBA through my health battle.
  • I am in the process of creating a 501C3 to provide financial support to couples struggling to get pregnant and want to adopt.

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